ARX Model Identification using Generalized Spectral Decomposition


This article is concerned with the identification of autoregressive with exogenous inputs (ARX) models. Most of the existing approaches like prediction error minimization and state-space framework are widely accepted and utilized for the estimation of ARX models but are known to deliver unbiased and consistent parameter estimates for a correctly supplied guess of input-output orders and delay. <\br /> In this paper, we propose a novel automated framework which recovers orders, delay, output noise distribution along with parameter estimates. The primary tool utilized in the proposed framework is generalized spectral decomposition. The proposed algorithm systematically estimates all the parameters in two steps. The first step utilizes estimates of the order by examining the generalized eigenvalues, and the second step estimates the parameter from the generalized eigenvectors. Simulation studies are presented to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method and are observed to deliver consistent estimates even at low signal to noise ratio (SNR).

24th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, MTNS 2020
Deepak Maurya
PhD Candidate @ CSE Dept

My research interests are broadly concentrated around theoretical machine learning.